Evelyn Grace

Evelyn Grace

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I have always looked for different ways to earn money.

As an employee, I looked for ways to do “it” better. Whether it was a routine or complex task.

It had always been a dream of mine to have my own business. And I did…..

However, it wasn’t exactly what I thought. Working ridiculous amount of hours every week, I seemed to be further from the lifestyle I wanted. Yes, don’t get me wrong, my husband and I lived a very nice lifestyle, but the quality of life wasn’t there. We worked 6 and 7 days a week. Our business owned us. Eventually, the stress took its toll and we ended up divorcing. Now it was crucial I find financial independence to be able to take care of my family and at the same time, be there for my kids.

Although I had resisted this business model as not legitimate, I had to take a closer look. I researched and attended private business receptions. I couldn't believe what I discovered. I felt incredible excitement build inside me once I discovered the true income potential in this industry. I was blown away by the freedom and lifestyle that people enjoyed in this industry. I remember saying, If this is real, I am going to do this and failure is not an option!

Luck was on my side, as I happen to find the best business opportunity in the industry. It met the 5 criteria I had set up to evaluate a company; Products, had to be consumable and unique and emotional was a home run. Management had to understand the industry, A compensation plan that was lucrative and simple, training and support and timing were all critical. This company was a 10 in all the categories. The rest is history. My dreams are finally coming true, and I owe all my success; to be willing to take a leap of faith in my company, work hard and never give up.

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